A Trait is an aspect of your character that allows you to perform actions in a certain way. You can choose a trait when rolling dice; if the GM agrees it makes sense to perform the action using that trait, you add an extra die to the roll. Each trait has tags which can also add dice to rolls. A character begins the game with six traits, each with 5-7 tags. You can gain more traits or tags by spending Advances.

When creating your character, you’ll choose traits, and spend points to buy tags for those traits. You have 10 points, and most tags cost 2 points. You can select tags from a particular trait, or from the list of common tags (if the GM thinks it makes sense for that trait).

You can use traits from this list, or pitch new ones to your GM. This list is woefully incomplete.

General tags

hardy (2), improvisation (2), daring (1), rescue (3), heroic (2), sneaking (2), quiet (3), hide (2), run (1)


Fighter: charging (2), punching (1), grappling (2), throwing (2), brawling (2), weapons (2), boxing (2), footwork (2)

Athlete: running (1), jumping (1), climbing (2), dodging (2), rolling (1)

Explorer: secret passages (3), lay of the land (2), maps (1), directions (1), prepared (2), supplies (1), off the grid (3), ruins (2)

Academic: research (1), reading (1), references (2), networking (3)

Merchant: haggling (2), sourcing (2), appraising (3)

Trickster: conniving (2), pickpocket (2), sleight of hand (1), hidden blade (3), fast hands (2), locks (3)

Dirty Fighter: low blow (2), sucker punch (2), gouging (1), clawing (1), blinding (3)


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