Notable NPCs

The Chairman

Or, Chairman of the Thirty-Seventh Governing Board of the Citadel. An imposing man with thin, drawn features and black slicked hair. Held the position of Minister for Protection on the Thirty-Sixth Board, at an unusually young age.

Bertrand O’Malley

Bertie to his friends, which is everyone. Ratmonger, and secretly de facto head of The Resistance. Standing well over six feet tall and built like the proverbial brick house, with a scruffy mop of mousey hair and a broad grin.

Patricia Graham

Leader of a resistance cell, her girlish features belie a brutal efficiency in killing. Ruthless and charming in equal measures.

Dale Boothroyd

That’s Inspector Boothroyd to you. High-ranking member of the Citadel Guard, acting as Chief Interrogator. Disarmingly affable, and can end your life with the stroke of a pen.

Notable NPCs

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