Citadel Governance

Chairman of the Governing Board of the Citadel

Chosen by the outgoing Board, a Chairman or Chairwoman holds the position for life. They select the other 8 members of the board, preside over meetings and hold a veto. Their original name is erased from the Citadel records as a symbol of their total dedication to the Board and the Citadel.

The Board

Originally convened from the various workers collectives, the Board now controls every aspect of the smooth running of the Citadel.

Current members

Minister for Protection – Diana Cowell
Minister for Information – Suzanne Critchley
Minister for Religion – Simon Ratcliffe
Minister for Education – John Burnell
Minister for Finance – Emma Stoughton
Minister for Production – Mary Henshaw
Minister for Accommodation – John Kellet
Minister for Facilities – Steven Hoult

Citadel Guard

Formed of volunteers and conscripts, the Guard swear absolute loyalty to the Citadel. They keep watch on the walls, patrol the streets, and keep the peace.

Citadel Governance

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